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The Innovation for Policy Foundation (i4Policy) is focused on political reforms at the local and regional level advancing innovations and digital transformation in Africa. The goal of i4Policy is to help shape African policy and create an environment that encourages business growth and innovation.

There is a significant evidence gap related to legislative and regulatory mechanisms, such as startup acts, that governments can utilize to accelerate digital transformation and innovation. As a result of this evidence gap, there is no consensus amongst policy makers, advisors, and economists on the key components of a coordinated national and regional strategy for quality entrepreneurship.

To fill this gap we developed, in collaboration with Make-IT in Africa, the Entrepreneurship Policy Toolkit that you find here. The toolkit is designed for forward-thinking policy makers that want to transform their entrepreneurial ecosystems, as well as startup founders and other key ecosystem players that want to support their governments with policy reform through deliberation and cutting-edge evidence.