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Welcome Policy Innovators! This Entrepreneurship Policy Toolkit is designed for forward-thinking policy makers that want to transform their entrepreneurial ecosystems, as well as startup founders and other key ecosystem players that want to support their governments with policy reform through deliberation and cutting-edge evidence.

The toolkit focuses on the technical considerations around the tools and processes needed to develop policies and legislation supporting the growth of startups and SMEs across Africa. In the sections on this wiki you will find a wealth of information aggregating multiple sources and outlining many interesting case studies, examples and best-practices. Detailed policy interventions are structured around seven core challenges entrepreneurs face that policy makers seek to solve. We hope this will equip you to improve your entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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Introduction to Entrepreneurship Policy Toolkit Part 1 - Key Considerations in the Development of Entrepreneurship Policy Part 2 - Assessing Your Ecosystem Part 3 - Policy Interventions by Topic Area