Part 3 - Policy Interventions by Topic Area

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How to read Part 3 of the toolkit?

Part 3 of the Entrepreneurship Policy Toolkit addresses the main challenges faced by entrepreneurs across the continent.

In the previous part of the toolkit, i4Policy analyzed the challenges covered by fourteen entrepreneurial ecosystem diagnostic tools. We concluded that, despite wide variation in sources, the evaluative approaches are relatively consistent and seven challenges are considered the main categories in most of the methodologies reviewed.

Part 3 of the Entrepreneurship Policy Toolkit is divided into seven sub-sections, These seven provide us with a well-researched typology of challenges faced by entrepreneurs across the world:

  1. Finance
  2. Market Access
  3. Business Support
  4. Governance
  5. Culture
  6. Infrastructure
  7. Human capital

It is up to you to read through the sub-sections as you desire. You can either download or read the entirety of Part 3, if you want to have a broad understanding and bird-eye view of all challenges faced by entrepreneurs. However, if only a specific challenge is of interest to you, feel free to go through one (or several) sub-sections.

Each subsection contains policy interventions, focusing first on the objectives the policy must meet in order to effectively tackle a challenge, then on the policy’s expected impacts and KPIs. Throughout all subsections, examples for successful national policy interventions will be provided on each challenge.

Choose Topic Area

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